5 HR Hot Topics

Here are 5 HR Hot Topic Items – things that are often ignored or avoided by small business owners. Make sure your business is protected and that you are being proactive in managing HR issues.

  • Employee HandbookMake sure you have an up to date and customized Employee Handbook for your business. A well written Employee Handbook will:
    • Define your policies & procedures
    • Communicate to your employees
    • Protect your business from liability

  • Classify Contractors and Employees Correctly – Make sure you have people classified correctly as either Contractors or Employees. Use the 20 Rule test to determine if you are meeting IRS classification criteria.

  • Make sure you know your state employment rules

Employment regulations and rule can vary wildly from state to state. Make sure you are versed in your state’s rules.

  • Job Descriptions – Develop accurate and up to date Job Descriptions for every position in your company. Job Descriptions should include the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required for each position, as well as primary responsibilities for the job. Well drafted Job Descriptions are:
    • Great for defining the new and current jobs
    • Works as documentation if you need to discipline a current employee.
    • Help when hiring for a new position – use the job description to create the ad and screen candidates.

  • Document all discipline! There are two primary purposes to documented disciplinary action:
    • Clearly communicate the issue and correct behavior to employees.
    • Protect your business!

Jill Critchfield is a professional Human Resources Consultant. Through her business, Pacific HR, she has provided HR services to over 150 small and mid-sized businesses in Portland, Oregon since 1999.


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