HR Resolutions for 2009

January is a great time to review your current HR procedures and make resolutions for the coming year.  Here is a list of 5 HR Resolutions for 2009:

1.  Employee Handbook Review – Don’t have an Employee Handbook yet?  Make this your top priority for the year.  If you haven’t had your handbook reviewed for a couple of years, contact an HR consultant to make sure your manual is up to date.  A well written Employee Handbook is a must for any small business.

2.  Update Job Descriptions – Job descriptions are invaluable tools for any business. Make sure your job descriptions are up to date and accurate.  Not sure where to start?  Ask your employee’s to review their own job descriptions and give you feedback on the accuracy of the document. 

3.  Annual Performance Evaluations – Many small business owners drag their feet when it comes to annual performance evaluations.  Make this the year that you conduct Performance Reviews on time for all employees!

4.  Employee Files – Make time this year to ensure you have a complete Employee File for each staff member.  Review your State’s regulations in regards to Employee Files and make sure you are in compliance.

5.  Review ADA procedures – New changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act go into effect on January 1, 2009.  Take time to review the changes and how they may affect your business.



Jill Critchfield is a professional Human Resources Consultant.  Through her business, Pacific HR, she has provided HR services to over 100 small and mid-sized businesses in Portland, Oregon since 1999.


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