HR Checklist

Use this handy HR Checklist to identify your current human resources needs. Great for any new business, or for a review of your current HR procedures.  This HR Checklist can also be found at


Employee Handbook   ____
Handbook is complete, current and in compliance with State & Federal regulations


Employee Files  ____
Complete employee files for all current employees. Terminated employee files are kept on site. Information regarding medical conditions, FMLA and workers’ compensation are kept separate from employee files.


I-9 Forms  ____
Federal I-9 form on file for all employees, separate from employee files, in accordance with federal guidelines.


State & Federal Postings  ____
Required postings up to date and are posted in an area accessible to all employees.


Job Descriptions  ____
Job Descriptions are completed and up to date for all key positions


Payroll  ____
Payroll is processed accurately and without incident. Records are retained in accordance with state law.


FMLA  ____
Procedures are in place to ensure compliance with FMLA regulations.


COBRA  ____
Procedures are in place to ensure compliance with COBRA regulations.


Hiring Process  ____
Hiring process is organized to ensure compliance with federal discrimination laws and record retention requirements


Termination Process  ____
Termination process is organized to limit wrongful discharge liabilities. Final checks are issued in accordance with state law.


Disciplinary Process  ____
Disciplinary Process is designed to ensure fair and equitable disciplinary action.


Unemployment Claims  ____
Unemployment claims are managed to minimize unemployment tax liability.


Performance Evaluations  ____
Performance evaluations are performed annually for all positions.


Jill Critchfield is a professional Human Resources Consultant.  Through her business, Pacific HR, she has provided HR services to over 100 small and mid-sized businesses in Portland, Oregon since 1999.  Information about Pacific HR services can be found at


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